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Pioneer in the discovery of other continents, Portugal was the cradle of Step2IN, a forerunner in hosting, assistance and support of foreign students in the Portuguese territory. Specialised in the resolution of logistic and bureaucratic issues associated with moving to another country, Step2IN is the safe harbour you must seek and choose.
More than showing us the knowledge in books, academic life teaches us that sharing knowledge also happens when we find new horizons. Every year, thousands of students worldwide decide to change their countries for Portugal in the name of a greater conquest: internacional training.

In order to be successful in this adventure, there is nothing better than to be prepared and know that you can count on Step2IN, an integrated and customised support platform that knows no obstacles or frontiers.

Step2IN is, therefore, the perfect partner for local assistance the students who choose Portugal to improve their academic skills and seek a curricular, personal and cultural enrichment with that experience.

Arriving a new country is always a moment involving enthusiasm, anxiety and concern. With Step2IN, students will find out how to discover Portugal, how to fit in their higher education institution, how to explore the city that welcomes them and even how to feel the street they live in. At Step2IN, you’ll find the right partner in the country of destination.

With a team of specifically trained professionals and a wide experience in supporting and assisting foreign students, Step2IN provides a range of services that ensure trust, safety, comfort and peace of mind, so that students can focus on their main goal: excellent results.

Social Responsibility
After the assessment of needs is completed, Step2IN effectively and quickly solves all the sort of issues related to the mobility of students. And, in the scope of social causes, there are problems to which Step2IN is not indifferent.

Each school year, Step2IN will promote volunteering initiatives (environmental, educational, social, etc.) and other solidary activities in Portugal (such as the collection of food, books and clothes) to support children, the elderly and handicapped people.

Step2IN believes that social responsibility initiatives play an important role in the social, cultural, educational and environmental development of communities.
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